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Recycle your suspended ceiling tiles in association with SIG Interiors & Armstrong

Recycle today in 5 easy steps

  1. Contact your local branch of SIG Interiors -
  2. SIG Interiors will confirm your enquiry
  3. SIG Interiors or Armstrong will undertake a site visit to ensure product is suitable for recycling
  4. SIG Interiors will collect the correctly packaged product and return to Armstrong's Team Valley manufacturing plant for recycling
  5. You will be issued with a certificate of recycling

SIG Interiors are fully committed to high standards in quality, performance and environmental responsibility across all its operations.

To help our customers, save money and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill we have launched two mineral ceiling recycling facilities, in association with Armstrong.

The amount of waste and energy which can be saved simply by recycling ceiling tiles at the end of a project is staggering. Just 10,000m2 of recycled tiles equates to a saving of 590 tonnes of raw materials, and the energy saved manufacturing new ceiling tiles could power a home for over six years.


SIG Interiors conform with all relevant waste transfer requirements in order to collect mineral ceiling tile waste from site and have teamed up to enhance two existing mineral ceiling tile recycling schemes from Armstrong.

End of Life Programme

The first initiative is the End of Life programme, where unwanted mineral ceiling tiles are collected and manufactured into new Armstrong ceiling tiles.

Replace currently installed mineral ceiling tiles with new Armstrong tiles and recycle the old product.

Off-cut Recycling

The second initiative is the Off-Cut programme where off-cut tiles are collected and returned to manufacture new Armstrong ceiling tiles.

Both initiatives are supported by SIG Interiors’s national network of storage facilities and fleet of vehicles with mechanical offload. Now Armstrong’s scheme has been enhanced by SIG Interiors’s involvement. This means the minimum size of job which can be recycled has been reduced further. SIG Interiors has a robust waste recycling procedure supported by an expert team and equipment, which ensures ceiling tile waste transfer is efficient and responsible.

What are the benefits?

There are multiple benefits to recycling ceiling tiles.

  • It helps the environment as it diverts waste from landfill sites and saves energy on manufacturing new ceiling tiles
  • A cost saving as for every 250m2 of ceiling tiles recycled customers can save on landfill costs.
  • The initiative also contributes to recognised schemes relating to sustainability in buildings; helps with BREEAM certification and SKA ratings and also fulfils your customers’ supply chain responsibility to the environment.

What can be recycled?

End of Life recycling ceiling tiles need to be Armstrong branded, pulpable mineral fibre tiles and if you’re unsure then your local branch will be able to help. Tiles must have been manufactured on or after 1st January 2000, which is easy to check as all Armstrong tiles have a manufactured date printed on the back.

Other manufacturer’s tiles may be suitable for recycling - for more information please contact your local SIG Interiors stockist.